Mid-week Coffee Additions: Two Sumatras and a Guatemala

Tarbarita Peaberry fans rejoice! We have two great Sumatra additions Sumatra Tarbarita Peaberry and Sumatra Dry-Hulled Aceh Bukit along with a new Guatemala Guatemala Antigua Finca La Folie. Today is a day some of you have been waiting for since February. The return of the ever-popular Sumatra Tarbarita Peaberry. Truly one of those special Indonesia coffees brimming with clove, molasses, caramelized sugars, and black tea-like notes. We are also adding the totally unique Sumatra Dry Hulled Aceh Bukit which cups like a hybrid from Indonesia and Central America with fruited bittersweet balance, less body than wet-hulled Indonesias and sweet spices. Last, but not least, is Guatemala Antigua Finca La Folie a superb lot with refined acidity and apple notes, mild and sweet but very attractive.

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