Moka Kadir is back! Also, Colombia Carlos Imbachi, Guatemala Bourbon, Sumatra Takengon Classic

You’ll be happy to hear we’re adding four more coffees today! First up is the return of two oft-requested coffees… The return of our Sweet Maria’s Moka Kadir Blend for which we finally have proper quality components to mix. As most know, this is great for both drip and espresso. Look for dark molasses, intense chocolate and rustic fruit in the cup. Second up is the long-awaited Colombia Finca Buenavista -Carlos Imbachi. This is an outstanding microlot with tropical fruit and sugar cane in the profile. Look for chocolate-covered raisin in the darker roasts. (also: we are limiting sales on this small lot of coffee.) The Guatemala Bourbon -Finca San Diego Buena Vista is a quality Guatemala Bourbon through and through. This is Tom’s current favorite for single-origin espresso. Look for lemon-zest and chocolate in the darker roasts in this new offering! Last but not least is another one our standards, Sumatra Takengon Classic Mandheling … which most of you know from the past. For those who don’t: it’s a low acidity semisweet chocolatey profile with dark sugars, earth, and heavy body. It’s another dark-roast favorite!

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