New Arrivals: Brazil

August 19, 2016

Now is a good time to take a look at our Brazillian coffees, as we have three excellent choices from the picturesque town of Carmo de Minas. This part of the Mantiqueira mountains has a long history of coffee cultivation, affording farmers a unique micro climate and nutrient rich soils. Many of the farms are planted in older bourbon types, and all of the coffees currently on our list (which does include a dry-process) are yellow bourbon lot separations.

These coffees are solid and crowd-pleasing, with chocolate and nutty roast tones easily developed. In general, Brazil’s aren’t “bright” or “acidic”, but better known for bittersweetness and body. They make an excellent base for espresso blends, producing dense chocolatey flavors, creamy mouthfeel, and velvety crema. Brazils are not dense coffee seeds and are grown at lower altitudes than Central American coffees, hence very dark roasts of Brazil coffees pick up ashy, bittering flavors. We find that longer roast times at a lower temperature avoids this trapping, achieving a much more developed sweetness that keeps bittering tones well in balance. If you aren’t able to control heat, like with an electric popper, you can try decreasing your batch size (smaller batch sizes mean greater airflow) to extend the overall roast time.

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Here’s our current selection:

Brazil Dry-Process Pedra Branca – A fruited cup, offset by layered cacao and roasted nut notes. Cinnamon-spiced banana bread, wine grape, maraschino cherry, and green melon accent. Hefty body. Good for espresso.

Brazil Fazenda Santa Lucia Yellow BourbonCity+ has unrefined brown sugar, herbaceous aroma, candied almond, macadamia, and layered cocoa tones. Big bodied Brazil.  Good for Espresso.

Brazil Santa Ines Yellow BourbonPulp natural process makes for a mild cup, soft acidity, hazelnut spread, praline, carob chip cookie. Nut to cocoa tones in the finish.  Good for espresso.