New arrivals- Colombia Planades Tolima Rojas Microlot,Burundi Kayanza Bwayi,Ethiopia FTO DP Sidamo Shoye Union,Nicaragua Pacamara Mama Mina

Today is “Baggy Wednesday”, according to our Dogs of Coffee calendar, which is now sold out. On an altogether opposite note, we are adding some fresh new arrivals starting with: Colombia Planadas Tolima, Roberto Rojas Microlot, a notably sweet flavor profile with caramel, peach, and apricot; has a very elegant finish and buttery body. Next up is an interesting Bourbon-like coffee from East Africa: Burundi Kayanza Bwayi with mild citrus, honey and creamy body. Try this one as a single-origin Espresso too. We are adding a new Sidamo today too: Ethiopia FTO DP Sidamo Shoye Union with intense fruit and brown sugar. The profile also has strawberry and cinnamon tones with a sweet finish. The last addition today is Nicaragua Pacamara Mama Mina Microlot, a great coffee from a great farm that we’ve seen before. This is a larger bean with spicy sweet tones of clove and cinnamon. As ever, …make sure to check out the full reviews!

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