New arrivals: Hawaii Kona Kowali, Sumatra Dolok Sangul, Peru Org Co2 Decaf

Bonne Fête! It’s another new coffee day! Today we are adding some great wet-process coffees. (We will have some more dry-process selections to round out our offerings in a week or so) … Starting off we have the Hawaii Kona -Kowali Farm Typica, … a coffee and farm folks have really enjoyed in years past. Look for a refined sugar sweetness, silky body, and caramel-honey roast tastes. Limit 5-lb per customer please! … Next up is the Sumatra Lintong Dolok Sanggul, another low-acid chocolatey crowd-pleaser from Indonesia. This particular varietal has a spicy black tea accents as well. Lastly we are adding a special process decaf: Peru FTO CO2 Decaf . This was decaffeinated using the C02 technique and the cup is an aggressive pungent cup at dark roasts with a bright and clean fruit note at lighter stages.

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