New Coffee Additions: Centrals and Africans (Colombia too).

New arrivals a-plenty: Colombia Tolima -Luis Reinoso Microlot, Costa Rica Lourdes de Naranjo – Finca Fidel, El Salvador Majahual -Tablon La Montana, Ethiopia Gera Jimma -Nano Challa, Kenya Nyeri Tegu. Today is one of those days where we just have to offer some amazing lots that arrived to our warehouse either today or yesterday. First up is Colombia Tolima -Luis Reinoso Microlot, finally we have a great Colombia to offer, with honey-butter notes paired with Golden Delicious apple and unique rounded mouthfeel. Next a duo of Centrals: Costa Rica Lourdes de Naranjo – Finca Fidel with bright and lively acidity and El Salvador Majahual -Tablon La Montana a well structured cup with hazelnut-laced chocolate and maple finish. Finally is a pair from Africa: Ethiopia Gera Jimma -Nano Challa a refined cup with juicy sweetness and floral finish and Kenya Nyeri Tegu a complex, fruited cup with intense melon and muscovado sugar.