New Coffee: El Salvador Majahual – Tablon Tempisque

The dry fragrance ranges from malted milk to praline and cocoa. The wet aroma has caramel and butter scents, slight red apple notes and mulling spice. The cup taste stays true to the aromatics; rounded and balanced, with a thick and syrupy body, cocoa chocolate notes combine well with almond roast tones to give a confection-like character. There’s a very mild red apple sweetness lurking behind the roast notes, and fading to cocoa-dusted nut tones in the finish. While balanced as drip or press coffee, Tablon Tempisque is really intense and wonderful as espresso. Classic espresso flavors of chocolate bittersweets have a nice bright note, gingerbread spice flavors, and a long finish.

We recommend City+ roast level through Full City +. This can hold up to darker roasts too.

Read more about this coffee and the unique farm it comes from by clicking here.

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