New Coffee from Colombia, Guatemala & Yemen

July 22, 2015
Colombia Organic Planadas MontalvoApple, red berry, and nectarine flavors are prevalent in the cup with distinct blackberry and tropical notes. Sweet and bitter notes mesh well across the roast spectrum, and the underlying raw sugar sweetness supports the fruit-forward nature of the cup.
Guatemala Antigua Finca CabrejoApple and plum highlights accompanied by a blueberry/retronasal-like response are found in the cup. Complex and fruited notes go from bright and tea-like in light roasts to chocolate and fruit juice-like in darker roasts with chocolate syrup flavor in the finish. Dark roasts make great SO espresso –  viscous and chocolatey sweet, with tart berry accents up-front.
Yemen Moka Bani Matar – The cup is intense, complex and bewildering to describe! This Matari has a loamy soil aspect, with a beefy, thick body and very low acidity. As it cools, there is cola nut and dark cocoa, some dark blackberry peeking through with a fresh, buttery quality in taste and mouthfeel. The finish has a chocolate bittersweetness that pleasantly lingers. Aromatics will really develop at 72+ hours after roasting. This is even more true for espresso. As Single Origin (SO) espresso, it is very dense: similar to 70% bittersweet chocolate.
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