New Coffee…Including Colombia

March 23, 2015

Colombia Finca La Mesita – Brayan Joven returns from last year, a real standout on our cupping table. Sweetness, top notes, acidity, and cleanliness, a beautiful Colombia we feel lucky to have.

Colombia Timana de Huila is a blend we constructed from a few of the better small producer lots we tasted. At City+, this coffee is all about balance. A mild cup that can handle roast, it’s what we think daily drinking coffee should taste like!

Brazil Dry Process Santa Ines is not as fruit-forward as others (they’re there, just subtle), this one’s heavy in the developed sugar matrix, and with a nice kola nuttiness. Perfect for dual use brewed coffee/espresso.

Ethiopia Grade 1 Yirga Cheffe Dumerso is our last Ethiopia of the season, and cupping better than some of the fresh offer samples we’ve been tasting! Stone fruit-forward, with heavy sugar-browning sweetness and citrus top note complexity.

Papua New Guinea Bauka Bena is our final PNG from the Bauka Plantation coffees we purchased. Only 3 bags, it shares much in common with the others from Bauka – earth toned, sweet grain, and fruited. And we also added a Fair Trade Organic coffee,

Sumatra FTO Gayo – Bies Village. This is from the KSU Burni cooperative in Aceh, showing rustic fruits, heavy body, and surprsingly ‘present’ acidity.

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