New Coffees: Kenya Nyeri Tegu, Sumatra Mandheling, Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe, Brazil Mogiana, Mexico Organic, Honduras Organic

New Coffee Day! We are adding Sumatra Grade 1 Mandheling, Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe, Brazil Dry-Process Mogiana, Mexico Organic Chiapas Proish Coop, Honduras Organic Marcala -Cocosam Coop, and Kenya Nyeri Tegu AB. Here’s the briefing. Our limited new lot of Sumatra Grade 1 has that earthy dark chocolate profile with a bright hint that works well at dark roasts. Next is a new Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe with spices, honey, cane sugar and medium body. Following that is a favorite in Brazil DP Mogiana. Folks will remember this creamy low acid cup with mild fruits and milk chocolate. And another favorite returns: Mexico Organic Proish. This coffee from Chiapas has hazelnut, can sugar and tangy chocolate in the flavor profile as you go toward espresso level. The Honduras Organic Cocosam is a restrained cup with malted milk, nuts, and an herbal brightness. Last but not least, a new Kenya! The Kenya Nyeri Tegu is a customer favorite. Look for a complex mix of melon fruit, cherries, muscovado sweetness and more. Please click through to read on.

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