New: Java Merapi Robusta, Colombia Galpones Santacruz Microlot, SM’s El Papuma SWP Decaf Blend, Ecuador Batan Chinchay

A coffeeshop quartet! We’ve just added: Java Merapi Robusta, Colombia Los Galpones -Manuel Santacruz Microlot, Sweet Maria’s El Papuma SWP Decaf Blend, and Ecuador El Batan, Valentin Chinchay. After a short spell, we have a quality robusta back in stock with the Java Merapi Robusta, great as a blend component or even straight with bakers chocolate and tobacco in the profile. Next is a choice small lot offering, the Colombia Los Galpones -Manuel Santacruz Microlot. This is a sweetly floral cup with chocolate pudding and a silky mouthfeel. Now, what do you get when you cross specialty Salvador, PNG, and Panama coffees and send them to swiss water for decaffeination? … Sweet Maria’s El Papuma SWP Decaf Blend, a dual-use blend that we’re really excited about with sweet and bright apple and melon and a syrupy mouthfeel. Lastly is the small-producer lot Ecuador El Batan, Valentin Chinchay with a lemon tea quality at light roasts and brown sugar at dark roasts. Supply is limiting sales on the Ecuador and Colombia so act fast before they’re gone!