New Macro Videos: Looking Closely at Coffee

Macro Anomalies: A close-up look at parchment coffee, monsooned coffee and robusta from Cuba.

Here are a couple of new videos I made exploring some unusual coffee types, and in some cases defects. You can tell a lot by looking at coffee … before coffee cupping that’s what a coffee buyer did! It was all about looking at raw coffee and inferring the quality and value. (I think cupping is better in this regard but…)

Parchment coffee is a middle stage in the wet-process. The green bean is still coated in a thin layer we call parchment, which comes off in the dry mill just before final grading and export.

Kenya Coffee Grades: Learn what AA, AB, C, T grades are all about.

Ever hear of “grinders”? Nope, not referring to the machine to grind coffee. And why are good dogs not-so-good coffee assistants?


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