… or you could get with that

I heard you got the fever for the flavor of another,

Two new offerings today!

Costa Rica Lourdes de Naranjo -Finca Genesis

The cup is vividly bright, with strong honey-lemonade flavors, red berry, toasted nut, and praline. It’s quite sweet, but not in the typical wet-process Costa Rica way. The body is dense, thick. It definitely reveals itself as a true “honey coffee,” a “miel” or pulp natural process.


Sumatra Lintong Dolok Sanggul

Surprising fruits come forward in the wet aroma, even a momentary whiff of citrus, pineapple, dried plum, fig. It’s got great rustic sweetness, aromatic tree bark, cinnamon stick, black tea, and mulling spice in the finish.

Black Sheep rolling hard.

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