Podcast: An Audio Exquisite Corpse on Coffee Brewing and “The Rules” – Ep. 26

Tom, Ryan and Dan experiment with a new “exquisite corpse” podcast format…

What is an Exquisite Corpse? You know the drawings where you fold the paper, and one person draws the head, another the torso, another the legs? That thing.

Okay this isn’t truly an exquisite corpse … it is an audio collage where each person contributes a response to the last person’s recording about a certain topic.

In this episode, we talk about our personal coffee brewing habits, and a lot more. Coffee brewing at home leads to thoughts about all the rules of “correct” coffee brewing, and the current state of coffee culture.

Why are there so many “rules” to doing the right thing with coffee brewing, or nearly anything else with coffee?

Why is it so easy do get things wrong, to break a taboo, and why all the drama when people react to coffee stuff anyway…

Microwave your coffee? WRONG!
Didn’t pre-rinse your paper filter? WRONG!
You still use a French Press? OMG!! WRONG!*

. . . like, is coffee culture just weird?

*(And no, making coffee in whatever way makes you happy is not wrong!)

We called the episode “Personal Brewing Routines & The Weirdness of Coffee Culture

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