Product Guide: Roasting Accessories

Dec 15, 2016

Once you own a coffee roaster, you probably don’t need to buy much more in regards to equipment. A lot of the accessories you will need are probably in your kitchen already. If not, we have you covered.




Using a scale eliminates a lot of the guess work from both roasting and brewing. Simply weighing your coffee before roasting or brewing can make a world of difference since your batch sizes will be consistent each time. All our scales measure down to 0.1g increments which is important for coffee brewing.

Escali Pico HR 500s – Our warehouse/office crew brews about 6 carafes of coffee to keep ourselves moving in the mornings and although we are pretty loose about our batch brewing techniques, we usually use one of these little Escalis to weigh out the right amout of coffee each time. It’s withstood the test of time and we would recommend it to anyone who wants a robust scale with a very small footprint.
Escali L600 – This scale does it all. It measures 5 different units, is resistant to spills, is easy to clean and has adjustable feet. Our cupping lab crew uses one of these on a daily basis.
Hario Pour Over Scale– This was made to work with Hario’s Drip Station Pour Over Stand but it’s an excellent stand-alone scale as well. It’s flush buttons and flat surfaces make it a breeze to clean. It has a built-in timer too.


You might be comfortable roasting with just your senses and your roasted coffee is coming out just fine but adding a thermometer to your setup will give you an advantage. After logging a few roasts, you will be able to predict when events like first and second crack will happen just by watching the temperature rise.

Digital Thermometer – A digital thermometer can be a very valuable tool. Depending on your roasting technique, you may have to do some modifications to your machine in order to get the thermocouple where you want it to be but in the end you will have a precise measurement of how hot it really is in your roaster.

UpdateThis inexpensive, compact thermometer is a welcome addition to any stovetop or electric popper.

Cooper – The larger face on the Cooper thermometer is easy to read and includes a clip so you can easily mount it to your  roaster.



If you are serious about replicating that perfect roast profile you created, a timer is essential. Sure, you could use the timer on your phone but having a dedicated tool right next to your roaster can give you an at-a-glance reference to how your roast is progressing.

Taylor Clock and Multi-Timer – This little powerful little timer might remind you of the Simon memory game. It can time four events at the same time (perfect for those having a hard time keeping track of the Behmor’s safety feature). It’s packed with features that any dedicated home roaster will appreciate.

Taylor Pro Jumbo Timer – What this timer lacks in features, it makes up for in screen size. This is a good choice if you like to keep things simple since it times one event at at time and lacks a lot of confusing buttons.


Cupping Trays

This is more than just a tray to hold coffee. It’s more useful than you might think. It folds in half like a spring-loaded taco so pouring and transferring green and roasted coffee from one container to another is a breeze. If you are still using a funnel or relying on your  aim to pour coffee from your roaster into a mason jar, you really need to pick up a few of these trays. If you like to view the appearance of your roasts, side-by-side, putting them separate trays will give you a uniform and consistent way to compare them.