Product Guide: Sample Sets – New Additions

Dec. 8, 2016

Over the past month, we have added three exciting new Sample Sets.

Sample Sets are great for both beginners and experienced roasters. They are also perfect for those with indecisive tendencies since they are very convenient to order. I mean, all those coffees on our list sound great but you gotta make up your mind at some point, right?


20 lb “XL” Africa Sample Set

If you are roasting for holiday gifts this year, this is a smoking deal (pun intended). With this Sample Set, you will receive four 5lb bags of high scoring, wet processed coffees from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo, all for less than one of our normal 20lb bags. Expect a lot flavor variety too.

Flavor Profile 4-pack: Box of Chocolates

This 4-pack of chocolate-toned coffees from Latin America and Africa offer a variety of underlying cocoa bittersweetness with subtle to vibrant top notes. Any of these coffees will be great as filter brew or espresso. The coffees in the set will change as we add and sell out of coffees from those origins but the chocolate theme will remain. Each coffee has roast recommendations on the sticker – please take into account that even though most tastee great at lighter roast levels, it’s the middle to darker roasting that unlocks layered flavors of chocolate. The set includes 4 different 1 pound bags.

Micro Region 5-pack: Costa Rica

This Sample Set contains four coffees from three different growing regions, two of which are exclusively to this set. It includes a bag of Cascara coffee fruit tea to round out the tasting experience.

This sample set highlights the diverse profiles of various growing regions and microclimates of Costa Rica. Barely more than a decade ago, coffees were bought and sold in a much more volume-oriented manner in Costa Rica. Large milling infrastructures were the norm, built and operated by multi-nationals or local cooperatives. The micro-mill infrastructure allows for processing lower volume lots of coffee, taking a quality-focused approach one step further. Once known for homogeneity, the micro-mill has placed a spotlight on flavor diversity, evidenced in this sample set. The Cascara coffee fruit tea was uniquely dehydrated at the Helsar mill in West Valley. The 3oz bag can produce roughly 8-10 cups of tea.


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