I’m off early tomorrow (actually my ride will be here in about 45 mins) on my way to West Virginia to start setting up the Roasters Guild Retreat. Really looking forward to this year’s retreat, we’ve been working very hard on delivering a challenging and engaging program. I’m most looking forward to seeing everybody who’s coming out though. If you are coming out for the retreat and we haven’t met, please be sure to introduce yourself.

as you may have noticed, we’ve added 2 new coffees right at the end of last week. Both are incredibly sweet, bright, and balanced at a wide range of roasts. Try them both at a Full City and I think that you’ll be very pleased, but they’re also very vibrant at City and City +.

Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo Reserva…

“The brightness opens up to an intense black cherry note on the wet aroma that carries into the break along with the vanilla bean, cocoa, and caramel from the dry aroma. The cup has less chocolate bittersweet aggressive notes than the aroma suggests, and the vanilla is more prominent in the warm cup. The darker roasts already show some currant along with the black cherry, but the lighter roasts show mandarin orange, apricot, and strawberries in the clean and rounded finish that has just a bit of malty sweetness with the strawberry in the after taste. For an Antigua, it has a bright and refined acidity, juicy in the body, and very sweet.”

Honduras Beneficio San Vicente

“It’s very nice, a round and sound cup! This isn’t the brassy, tightly wound acidity found in many coffees from Honduras that have more lime and tamarind notes. Light roasts have the best tropical fruit sweetness which is subtle at first but then intensifies with guava, strawberry, hints of passion fruit, and orange marmalade. At Full City a tangy roast bittersweet overlays the fruit, providing a rindy and brisk accent to the cup, finishing with orange spirit bitters and coriander seed. The roast taste is caramelly, pairing well to the viscous body.”

also, definitely check out the Kenya Kirimara PB –… , this is a stellar Kenya peaberry with lots of cider, pineapple, and floral clove.

see you in WV.