Revisiting our Current Burundi Selections

August 11, 2015

Before our Burundi stock is completely whittled away, I thought now’s good a time as any to pull samples of current coffees to taste how they’re holding up. We also happen to be cupping very fresh Burundi samples from the new harvest – selections still a few months away from being available – and so a chance to see how the current lots stand up to incredibly fresh coffees from the same stations. I have to say, the level of quality in the coffees we’re selling is astonishing, and a testament to the affects proper rest has on a coffee’s cup-profile. Flavors taste fully-realized and without any of the ‘edginess’ that comes with real freshness.

We’re down to two final coffees, surprisingly unique from one to the next. Both were roasted to right around City+ for the cup notes. I also happened to roast one batch of Ruyaga to Full City (don’t walk away from your roaster!), a happy accident that spawned a few shots of espresso

Burundi Kayanza Mpemba:

I know, I know, not all Burundi coffees are alike. But I’ve come to associate profiles of cardamom-spice and raw sugar with Burundi, and even Rwandan coffees. Mpemba embodies these aspects in the cup, and at City+ is complimented by a nice, sweet raisin smell. The cooling cup has mouth-cleansing lemon acidity which highlights an emerging flavor black tea, and floral hint. This is a coffee that will show well at very light roast levels all the way up to Full City. A great espresso option at the darker end of the roast spectrum.

Burundi Kibande Ruyaga:

Honey and short-bread cookie come to mind in the City+ roast, starting off as such in aroma too. This cup cools very well, making way for flavors of honey and vanilla, with citrus acidity popping out on top – even as you near FC. You can achieve rich chocolate roast tones at the deeper end of the roast spectrum, and espresso shots extract bittersweet cocoa with a lasting tart-lemon ‘zing’ on the tongue. The finish is long, and I found myself comparing flavors to Mounds bars – cheap dark chocolate and sweetened, roasted coconut.