Roast Coffee Pairing #45: Varietal Influence Reprise — Bourbon and Pacamara

[We maintained a separate “Roastmaster’s Blog” for the past year, but from now on we are combining the two and will post comments on our most recent Roasted Coffee Pairings in this space]  For our most recent roasted coffee pairing,  we are comparing two El Salvador coffees: the San Gabriel Bourbon and the Siberia Estate Pacamara. Both are from the same area of El Salvador – the Santa Ana department (or state) – though not the same farm. The Bourbon is a classic cup, balanced and rounded, with good body and sweetness. Bourbon can take a range of roasts, but to accentuate the comparison with the Pacamara we are keeping it light, to a City + roast, that allows the brightness of the bourbon to come through.  The Pacamara has a wonderfully complex profile with hints of apple skin fading to a sugary sweet finish.  This pairing highlights just how different two coffees can be due to varietal, both are very sweet but the Bourbon displays a more traditional side, while the Pacamara is a bit more varied.  Both are excellent and we hope you enjoy them!  Final roast temperature of 422 degrees, total roast time 15 minutes.

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