Roast Coffee Pairing #61: Brazil DP Fazenda Aurea & Java Kopi Sunda

This week we have roasted two coffees that are grown across the Pacific Ocean from each other.  Brazil Dry Process Fazenda Aurea is a favorite here at Sweet Maria’s for its versatility and balance.  We often use this in espresso blends but it is great as drip brew too with soft chocolate and hints of banana, this is a Full City roast with final temp of 435 degrees, 14:15 roast time.  Java Kopi Sunda is a rare washed Java lot that has remarkable fig and raisin hints lurking behind a soft, mild chocolate flavor.  This was roasted to Full City as well, final temp of 432 degrees, 14:10 roast time. These would be great blended together or enjoyed on their own, so try out some different ratios and see if you can detect the unique characteristics that each of these have.

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