Rweturn of Rushashi

A shrub favorite is back, just in time for some yule! Rushashi Duhingekawa Womens Coop in Rwanda has produced some brilliant coffee this year and we’re happy to offer it to y’alls.

Rwanda Fair Trade Rushashi Duhingekawa Womens Coop…

“The wet aromatics is where the coffee comes to life; a bouquet of orange blossom and lemon oil hints; bright, sweet and floral. The cup fulfills the promise of the aromatics; citrus flowers, sweetness, vivid aftertaste, and a rather silky body (although not that heavy). It’s a bright and vibrant flavor profile, especially at City+ roast level. The sweetness has a sweet brown malt flavor, caramelly, and lingers through the long aftertaste.”

Another christmas miracle brought to you by coffee shrub.