Six Under Six – August 2016

August 9, 2016
Here’s six great coffees all priced under six dollars. Check out the cupping notes and you will notice a good variety of flavors. A low price doesn’t mean that we are compromising the quality of the coffee we offer. We have our high standards and we stand by them as we continue to find well-priced coffees, where the farmer gets their premium and your cup is still great.
Brazil Santa Ines Yellow Bourbon– $5555
Pronounced sweetness, honey and fruit notes, with citrus and tea accents at the outer edges. Darker roasts deliver dark chocolate liqueur and licorice hints. Good for espresso.
Papua New Guinea Kainantu Farm – $555
This coffee boasts pungent molasses, pipe tobacco leaves, rustic earth tones, and cooked rhubarb. Impressive body carries bittersweetness long into the aftertaste.
Mexico FTO Sierra Juárez -Ayuuk – $5555
A fruited cup, offset by layered cacao and roasted nut notes. Cinnamon-spiced banana bread, wine grape, maraschino cherry, and green melon accent. Hefty body. Good for espresso.
Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires Hacienda – $5555
Rustic fruits and cocoa bittersweetness. Both green and ripe banana, papaya puree, grape-like brightness, and an aromatic wood hint. Incredible body.
Burundi Muyinga Rukanya-Rusheri – $5555
A cup with brooding sweetness, raw sugar flavors balancing Baker’s cocoa tones. Peach tea and mild citrus accent the cup, and Full City develops a rich cacao bar flavor.
Honduras Buenos Aires -Lote Mendez – $55555
Raw sugar to sorghum syrup, with tart blackberry juice and cedar chips. Big sweetness with inky body, roasted cacao and grape tones in deeper roasts. Good for espresso.