Shoo-bee-do Shrub friends, we have some fine new offerings for your pleasure today.

It’s some brand new dances, and they’re really easy to do…

Brazil Daterra Farms – Sweet Blue

The lighter roasts are very syrupy and sweet. It has a mild blueberry note in the cup, but this is obscured quickly by chocolate roast notes, even as light as City+ roast. There is a nutty dryness throughout the roast spectrum, almond with that almond skin effect in the finish. Chocolate alkaloids create a pleasant bittering finish at FC roast level. It’s not a super complex coffee, but has nicely integrated qualities, and the body has a nice slick, syrup texture

Kenya Kirinyaga Kiangoi Peaberry

a very interesting flavor profile, not your fruitbowl Kenya, but a nicely structured, bracing and bright, articulate cup that is, in the final analysis, fairly straightforward. Stone fruits, firm peach and apricot (not overly ripe), juicy mouthfeel, a touch of hawthorn floral note (as found in the aromatics), a slightly drying tea-like quality to the finish.

let’s get busy.