I put together a cupping on Tuesday at a local Fort Collins roaster. It is always a challenge to put together a table for a new group. Is it better to choose a theme and show some coffees that are related in one way or another, or is it better to show as wide a variety as possible? I went with variety and brought the Brazil Fazenda Campos Altos Peaberry, El Salvador COE La Montañita Pacamara, Ethiopia DP Haile Selassie Sidamo, and Kenya AA Nyeri Tambaya. I set up the cups in that order, but now in hindsight the Brazil and Ethiopia would have been interesting in direct comparison, and the Montañita and Tambaya as well. Both the El Salvador and the Kenya showed full creamy bodies, the Kenya a little more buttery and the El Salvador showing what I can’t help thinking of as a saltwater taffy-like body, this descriptor being even more substantiated by the soft apple and melon notes and a mild saltiness in the middle. We’ve been really into the Tambaya lately for its sweetness and balance. It’s a very complete Kenya, without being overly bright, but still showing well stated fruit notes of peach and white grape. Haile Selassie continued to impress with its incredibly sweet fruit and luxuriously syrupy body. Especially as it cools, this coffee is like candy and even the cuppers present who admitted to not really being into fruited coffees couldn’t help but keep going back to it because of what an exotic cup it is. The Campos Altos was the table favorite for this group. This is a really sweet Brazil with some “classic” characteristics. Cacao nibs and nuttiness and while there was a richly layered body I never noticed anything leathery or mulchy. It was a fun table and I was really excited to be able to share these coffees with others. If you are in the Colorado area, let me know and maybe we can set up a cupping. On another note, you may have noticed that the Brazil Nossa Senhora De Fatima was off the list. We hope that everyone who got the chance to roast this coffee enjoyed it as much as we did.