So you want to start a coffee dry mill …

(Update: our coffee mill equipment has a new home, but for information purposes we wanted to keep this post visible!)

Some time ago I bought a system used for nut/seed processing here in California, but it is the same used as coffee mill equipment, for coffee dry mill processing as well. The system is made in India by Spectrum ( 

My idea was to do some sort of interesting gravity table re-processing here, but it never really made sense, and we don’t have the space.

I am looking for someone who is interested in setting up or expanding a small scale dry mill. Of course this is not a complete system for coffee, but includes a gravity table that I hear is highly recommended, pre-cleaner and dust collection, with 3 elevators etc. Most motors are 208-220v 60 hz. It was taken from a working facility, and I have many many pictures and some movies to show how it was set up, but I am offering it as is, since we never operated it.

What I am asking for is $0 USD … but more importantly, for the buyer to handle all the logistics. It is currently in a 40′ High Cube container at Sweet Maria’s, and it is possible I can sell you that container (for another $3000) and most of the system can ship in it. You would have to arrange the container to be picked up from our warehouse and all logistics, but I dont see why this cannot go anywhere it is needed.

If you or anyone has interest, let me know! I am excited to see where this ends up… email [email protected] or comment on this post!

Coffee Processing Equipment for Sale. Coffee Gravity Table for sale.

Original Installation of System from Previous Owner:

Disassembly Images from OG Owner:

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  1. I’d love to do this, but I have other plans for my retirement! Someone should buy this and set up a dry processing mill state side and import parchment. It’s well known that parchment is far more stable than greens, so the advantage is that there would be more flexibility. One could sit on parchment far longer than greens and still offer a fresh product – process on demand, perhaps. And, one could market the greens as fresher than anyone else’s. It would be a “greens on demand” model, like what some do currently with roasted beans. It would also cut out one step in the supply chain and potentially make the product more direct trade and any other greens available. Well, it sounds nice anyway. Tom, I’m pretty sure that was a thought when you bought it. However, there are at least a few complications that could throw it off. As I understand it (at least from producers I visited recently in Costa Rica) greens have to rest for a couple of months after getting back from the dry mill. But is this really true! Has anyone tested it? And, then there is the economics of it. While you would cut out a middle man, you would have the high labor costs of operating the mill state side, and that could throw the whole model off.

    Nonetheless, I think this is a wonderful opportunity for someone to buy the mill (which looks like it’s in excellent shape and much newer and better than many that are currently used in coffee countries), work out the challenges (I am sure there are others I have not thought of) and set up a partnership with SM’s so we can get fresh beans from any origin any time of the year. Wouldn’t that be something! A Guat in October; a new Kenyan for Christmas …
    So, there is my challenge. Love to see someone take it up.

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