Sumatra and Sulawesi … the long and short of it.

A trip to Sumatra’s Aceh area, North Sumatra and Lintong, and to Sulawesi, way back in 2008.

I returned from Sumatra and Sulawesi; it was a long, long trip that seemed all too short at the same time. Go figure…

I divided the pictures into groups because there are a bazillion images:

  • North Sumatra, including Lintong and the Lake Toba area
  • The Aceh District of Sumatra (actually north of North Sumatra!) which includes Takengon and the areas around Lake Tawar
  • …. and then Sulawesi and Tana Toraja, an amazing, mystical place, where I handily whacked my head crawling through a tunnel in a Toraja traditional burial cave. It still hurts. –Tom
Another soccer ball finds an appreciative home in Takengon, Aceh, Sumatra!

A Smattering of Photos from the Sumatra and Sulawesi Travelogues:

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