The Delicious

Lucio Huaman’s micro-lot from Las Delicias in Peru is up and available on shrub. You may remember this coffee from some recent cupping videos; but if not, this is a very fine Peru with a body like clarified butter and delicate citrus notes with sweet creme in the finish.

I also want to highlight two coffees that have been on the offering list for a while now.

Brazil Fazenda Campos Altos PB has a lot of “classic” Brazil characteristics, savory nuttiness with honey and lots of cocoa, but without any strong tobacco or leather notes. Even at City+ there was a confident vanilla bean sweetness and complex yet soft body with a slightly oily mouthfeel and a maple sap like brightness in the finish. I think that this could be really nice in an espresso blend with something rich and syrupy (Guji Sidamo Maduro), or as an SO shot if roasted just into FC.

Kenya Kiambu Peaberry – Riuki has matured really nicely. The body is juicier up front with more and more fresh blackberry and apricot. As it cools the body thickens and becomes more syrupy and the finish is all sweet-tart, clean and crisp. I don’t get so much of the spiciness that I tasted when I first saw this coffee, and the body has become as much of a star to this coffee as the “electric” fruit notes. I roasted this coffee pretty quickly up to 1st, but then drew the crack out (maintaining its exuberance) and then dropped just on the edge of City+.

One other note, we are going to start listing the lot sizes on the coffees’ pages. We think that this can help in a couple of different ways, such as letting you know that a coffee is from a smaller lot and might go quickly or that the lot could be up to 100 bags and could possibly be around for a longer period of time or purchased in a larger quantity if interested.