Blends: Limited Edition Holiday Blend Returns

November 7, 2019

This week marks the return of our limited edition, Polar Expresso Holiday Blend. “Limited” doesn’t necessarily make it special, but that it’s made up of 88+ point washed African coffees does. These are coffees that excel as espresso on their own, each a unique flavor component that together offer a complex espresso that could not be achieved by any single ingredient.

About the coffees: It’s no secret that the dense, high-grown Bourbon cultivars of Burundi tend to be synonymous with “sweet”, and so it’s Burundi that we look to for our base espresso ingredient. As espresso, this coffee is syrupy sweet and Full City roasting sees creamy chocolate roast flavors folded in.  Ethiopian coffee is added in equal measure, bumping up the fruited top notes, body, and of course sweetness too. The last ingredient? Just a touch of a AB Kenya for vivid citrus accents that light up the cup in small amount.

We recommend starting at Full City and adjusting from there. At Full City, you can expect bitter and sweet flavors perfectly meshed, and moderate fruit flavors and acidic impression. Full City+ roasts round off the edges a bit, acidity toned down quite a bit and bittersweetness at its peak.

Brew Assessment:

Per our recommendation, we roasted Polar Expresso to Full City on our Bullet R1. Even with only one day of rest, this blend made for a tasty shot – mouthfeel is silky and body is positively buoyant.  Plum-like fruit flavors pop (brightness softens with extra rest) and finishing notes of baking spice and milk chocolate bring to mind berry syrup with pancakes. We were tempted to compare Polar Expresso to sugar plums but, upon further research, we learned that sugar plums don’t usually have any fruit in them? Very odd, but you know what we’re getting at! Sugar plums aside, Polar Expresso is a great way to get into the holiday spirit – grab a few pounds while it lasts!

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