Timor Leste Coffee Cruise

Videos about coffee farming in East Timor, the Timorese culture, and just cruising down the mountain roads …

The first video below is just a series of clips around the mountainous coffee areas of East Timor, mostly driving around trying not to get too lost.

Sometimes it’s the “getting there” part of the trip that gives you the context for where you are going. In Timor Leste, it’s the dry lowlands, the lack of good roads, the distance between seemingly near towns, things that help you understand the coffee industry here.

And more than that it’s the history of these people, colonized by the Portuguese, largely ignored as a colony in terms of advancement and support for the people, and then the brutal conflict with Indonesia and the Indonesian military machine. There has been tremendous adversity here, and there is tremendous vibrancy in the culture too.

The second Timor video below has more coffee information! “Tall coffee in Timor”.

They call the variety Moka, and I was under the impression it was a pure arabica, but it seems to have robusta genetics in it too, while also not being the original Hibrido de Timor, as I found out later (years after making the video in 2016)! – T.O.

Mostly a driving video cruising the hills of East Timor looking for coffee.
A unique experience for me, with these monstrous Arabica coffee trees in Timor Leste

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