Video Travelogue: Ethiopia Coffee Vignettes

Short Video Clips from Ethiopia Coffee Travels, Starting with Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Roasting in a Metaj (pan)

Here are some scenes from an Ethiopia coffee trip Tom took in December 2016. Traditional coffee roasting, thoughts on chat (qat) and an organic coffee farm in Limmu Kossa.

Ethiopia Coffee Vignettes: traveling in Ethiopia coffee lands

The video starts with traditional Ethiopian coffee roasting, which is basically roasting in a pan over charcoal. It is amazing how delicious this coffee can be, given that it is pure conduction roasting.

Maybe it’s the beauty of the place … but the coffee can be amazing. Of course it’s brewed STRONG so it may also be the much needed caffeine after hours on the backroads!

A rough translation of the items (spellings below are just phonetic!) for coffee preparation in Ethiopia are:

  • Metaj – the pan used to roast coffee in Ethiopia. It has a gentle bowled curve to it.
  • Makwa – the metal stir stick to turn the coffee as it roasts. There is a specific curve to this implement to allow pushing and pulling the coffee in the slightly dished pan.
  • Mandeja – the charcoal fire pot to roast coffee upon
  • Girgirta – the small pot burning incense or herbs to scent the space
  • Rakabut – the small table/ tray to hold the cups
  • Mukecha – the mortar part of the coffee grinder – coffee is ground into a very fine powder in the Mukecha using the pestle, called the Zenezena
  • Jebena – the clay brewing pot. Coffee is ground to a find powder and brewed without filtration in the Jebena. There is an art to sink the grinds into the rounded bottom and pour slowly to ensure the cup is clean and not gritty.
  • Cini – the small tulip-shaped cup. Similar cups are used throughout Arabia as well, as coffee is social, and repeatedly filling the small cups while engaged in conversation is all part of the coffee experience. The Ethiopian cups often have this classic pattern, pictured below … and I finally have them available in Sweet Maria’s shop after much work to source them!

Ethiopian Cini Coffee Cup at Sweet Maria’s

Tiny Little Ethiopian Cini Lapel Pin! at Sweet Maria’s

Ethiopia cup Pin
Cini, the ethiopian coffee cup, we have made as a lapel pin!

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