Visiting Portland and Brew Battle fun

I’m roasting up a bunch of samples to take with me to Portland tomorrow. It will be some random coffees, but a fun cupping for sure. If anyone in Portland is open to hosting on Thursday morning, I’d love to swing by and set these up. I’m going to be in town for some Roasters Guild meetings and also I’m super excited about the Brew Battle that’s going down on Thursday night at Sustainable Harvest: I really like that it’s a team challenge, and I’m looking forward to see how my teammates Marcus Young from Batdorf and Bronson and Nathanael May from Portland Roasting interpret the coffees I’m bringing out for it.

The challenge is that each team must submit one coffee to use for the whole competition. That coffee will be batch brewed on a commercial auto-drip machine for 2 judges, and then the teams will be assigned a random brew method to use for evaluation by the next 2 judges. The possible brewers will be an Aeropress, Clever Brewer, Hario V60, Chemex, or Beehouse Ceramic Coffee dripper; so the challenge is finding a coffee that will be exciting and lively in a pour-over brew that then doesn’t become two pointed in any of the methods that use more dwell time.

It’s all for fun, but I do really appreciate that instead of just having a head to head competition, that we’ve come up with a way where it can be even more of a community building event. I’ll be getting in to Portland tomorrow afternoon and getting together with my team to look at some of the coffees, and then hopefully cup some others. Thursday, as I stated before, I’d love to get some folks together and cup. I’ll be reaching out to a few individuals to see who’s available, but if you read this before then and know that you’re going to be available let me know. I have meetings Friday-Sunday, but have a day on Monday to get around and see some folks as well.


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