New Yemen Postcard

As you know, we like to include attractive/informative postcards with your green coffee orders and we like to switch up the designs every few months. If you are planning on placing an order in the coming weeks, expect our new Yemen card in your box. With that said, please note that there was a screw up and there’s a line of missing text on the back side of the card. The full sentence should read “…and I immediately wanted to know more about where the coffees I was buying came from.”.

Here’s the digital PDFs if you want to view or print a version with the correct text.

Oh, and the reason why we wanted to produce a Yemen postcard in the first place was to shine a spotlight on our Yemeni selection and remind folks that we’re donating ten cents of every pound sold to Doctors Without Borders who help provide much needed humanitarian relief in the region.

We have a lot of content related to Yemen as a country and growing region in our Coffee Library, like Tom’s Citadels of Harasi photo set and this interview with Fatoum Mouslot  the woman we have purchased Yemeni coffees from.

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