5 New Arrivals

Seasonal coffee season started this weekend! [According the the Dogs of Coffee calendar.] Here are the new offerings this week… First we have a favorite Kona from Moki’s Farm – we will limit it to 2 lbs. per order since it is a small lot. This one is very versatile, with everything from City+ to Full City+ roast recommended, and try it as a SO espresso. Look for floral aromatics and dark chocolate — this is a great arrival this season! Next we have some nice arrivals with the Costa Rica Cafetin San Martin and Colombia Tolima Florestales – Maximinio Gutierres. the Costa Rica San Martin is from the Tarrazu region and has been ranking well in the CoE. Look for sweet caramel and nutty roast flavors with an apple brightness on this limited lot. Some folks might remember the Colombia Maximinio Gutierrez from this past season. This is a sweet berry profile with cinnamon and apple accents; we have very little of this one and so are limiting sales to 1lb. Rounding out the new coffees is Kenya Kiambu Peaberry – Riuki, a citrusy coffee with lemon and mandarin orange in the cup. This Kenya can be very bright at light roasts and has a plum note at darker levels.   And another great decaf! Sumatra Sidikaland WP Decaf is another coffee that we had custom decaffeinated – it is a great coffee in its own right and makes great decaf. Look for caramel sweetness, spice and hints of papaya and mango. Take some time to read Tom’s full cupping reviews at the links above!

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