Short List, but More to Come! 


You might be looking at our offering list right now thinking, “where is all the coffee?” Ordinarily late winter/early spring is a time where new crop from Latin America and Africa are on the horizon, so our list starts to dwindle quite a bit until those new arrivals show up. This year there’s the additional challenge of months of labor disputes, work slowdowns, and port closures that have held up all sea shipments coming through West Coast ports, especially the Port of Oakland.

We’ve got a few containers on the water that we’ve redirected to other ports to be unloaded and shipped to Oakland via railway, but most shipments are still going to take an extra 3 weeks or so for unloading and processing through customs.

I know a lot of folk are waiting for Centrals right now, but this brings to mind something we were talking about last year: is origin more important than flavor attributes? We have fresh coffees from Burundi and Rwanda that could easily take the place of Centrals on your list, profile-wise, the best of these also fulfilling the need for exotic African coffees (see Gitesi, Collines).

Stay tuned for new arrivals from Colombia, Tanzania and El Salvador before the end of the month!

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