Adding Coffees, Catching a Plane

I am off to Yemen (my first time there!), so am up late adding a whole bunch of new arrivals to the list tonight. We have some unusual offerings that diverge from typical processing methods to produce some remarkable lots -Tom

  • Bali Kintamani Arabica: This is a traditional processed Indonesia coffee, low acidity, thick body, rustic notes …
  • Ethiopia Organic Limu (Indonesia-Style) is absolutely non-traditional, a bright coffee (like a wet-process Yirgacheffe) prepared as they do in Sulawesi and Sumatra, resulting in full body with a honey-lemonade brightness. On the flip side….
  • Sulawesi Toarco Jaya Wet-Process is non-traditional, since most Sulawesi are nearly dry-processed. The result is a brighter, cleaner cup with floral aromatics, and lighter body, yet Indonesia roots come through with pine and other foresty notes.
  • Mexico Organic Nayarit Terruno: After all these exotic lots, a crisp, balanced cup like this lot can be welcoming!
  • El Salvador Las Ranas WP Decaf: A pulp-natural process decaf with great body and chocolate notes.
  • Nicaragua Dipilto WP Decaf: Dipilto coffees are bright, lighter body and laced with fruit and floral aspects.
  • Papua New Guinea Kimel WP Decaf: The first time we have offered a PNG decaf, and a great lot it is.
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