Another Heavy Week of New Coffee Additions

August 29, 2014


Colombia Huila El Templo de Palestina is a versatile coffee, with white grape and apple, moving toward fruited chocolate and citrus rind at darker roast levels. Our next full container of Colombia coffee arrives in late September.

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul – Edwin Castillo is an absolute stunner of a Guatemala coffee and another from our “Proyecto Xinabajul”, where we pay small farmers a higher premium for their best coffees. Berry notes, Dutch cocoa, juicy fruits and malic to tartaric acidity, it’s what we look for in a micro lot coffee, and worth every bit extra we paid for it!

Guatemala Huehuetenango Cuilco is a great example of how smooth and balanced Guatemalan coffees can be – dark sugars, roasted nut, body, and well-integrated acidity.

Ethiopia Kaffa – Michiti Cooperative is a Western Ethiopia coffee that boasts juicy body, and fruited notes that accentuate that aspect. Expect lots of stone fruit flavors as well as a floral element that adds complexity.

Kenya Kirinyaga Kamwangi AB has a multitude of citrus flavors and acidity, which is practically sparkling. It’s a clean brewed cup, and one that I’d consider “classic” Kenya cup profile.

Kenya Nyeri Tegu Peaberry is a small bean coffee (these suckers can take quite a bit of heat!), with a cream caramel sweetness, orange marmalade, and herb tea. We found the ‘sweet spot’ at City+, and being so dense, it benefits a lot from a couple days rest.

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