Burundi Coffee Farm Visits

A selected set of photos from my 2012 travels in Burundi, visiting farms, coffee cooperatives and an old Sogestal site.

Visiting Burundi while also in neighboring Rwanda is always a plus, since their crop harvest times are nearly the same.

The goal of this 2012 trip was to visit Mpemba cooperative site in Kayanza, top see the Teka coop site, an old Sogestal type set up, and to visit Murambi farm in Gitega, near Bujumbura. Murambi is a very nice Burundi coffee farm and mill.

The Sogestal site at Teka is part of the old government-operated coffee system. It’s being sold off now, privatized. I wish there was an option to reform it, as it provided stability, though also fraught with problems too.

After coming for the Prestige Cup in 2011, out of the harvest season, I really wanted to return to see coffee production in full swing. June was a good month to visit and get a better feel for the resulting coffee from this year- I didn’t caption the photos this time but they do speak for themselves. Thompson

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