Flores Indonesia Coffee Supplier Visits

The Indonesian island of Flores is an important coffee source for us. Here’s a video of coffee farm visits and other wackiness.

Here’s some video clips from a trip Thompson made to the Flores island regions of Bajawa and Manggarai.

This was a 2019 trip to Flores to meet up with our coffee suppliers there, and cooperatives / small farmers we get coffee from … Kids, Pigs, Motorbikes, Weddings, Gas Powered Coffee Grinder … and walks around farms etc. The usual!

Flores is part of Indonesia and produces some very nice arabica coffees, mostly wet-process. We have been sourcing coffee from here for quite a few years, from the Manggarai and Bajawa regions.

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  1. I always get a bit jealous reading and watching these travelogues, even though I know they are business trips, and not all fun and games for you guys. Flores looks beautiful and the people seem friendly. I recently finished off a pound of Tangkul Village included in one of my samplers. It was an easy bag to keep reaching for because I liked it brewed as espresso and out of the Clever Dripper. I mostly roasted it on the darker side, but also did a couple of City+ish, medium roasts and enjoyed those too!

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