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Photo sets range from pictorial how-to articles to our extensive origin trip travelogues. It involves a range of content, from macro images of coffee, galleries of travel, to simple DIY instructional photos

Early Coffee Harvest in Nariño Colombia

Narino is the southernmost coffee-growing area in Colombia, and operates on a slightly different schedule as a result. Harvest in Nariño comes at a time

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Yemen – Citadels of Harasi

Harasi is another coffee region within a few hours of Sana’a. But it seems like an area hundreds of years back in time when departing

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Yemen – Ismaili Coffee the Crown Jewel of Yemen?

Maybe it’s just hype. Maybe they hired an ad agency. But everyone in Yemen thinks the best coffee comes from Ismaili. Here’s the story: basically

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Yemen – Cupping Yemeni Coffee with Mohamed

We returned to Sana’a to do some coffee cupper training, and to have a nighttime stroll around the old city.

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