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Photo sets range from pictorial how-to articles to our extensive origin trip travelogues. It involves a range of content, from macro images of coffee, galleries of travel, to simple DIY instructional photos

This is a joke ... puleez

Ethiopia Coffee Lands – Road Dust and Deep Ruts

Notes from the road, traveling through the Ethiopia coffee lands in 2018 Traveling through the southern coffee lands this year was exciting and taxing at

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Rwanda coffee washing station rwandan green coffee beans

Rwanda Coffee Competition, 2010

So I took this camera to Rwanda for the Cup of Opulence … Excellence …2010, competition and, crazy me, I ended up with a cool

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Judges of Taza Dorada coffee competition in Loja, Ecuador

Ecuador Coffee Tasting and Farm Visits

A trip to Ecuador for the Taza Dorada competition in October and November 2009 In Late October and early November, I went to EcuadorEcuador has

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Francesca shows us the different types of Miel coffee. Costa Rica

Costa Rica Coffee Farms Micro Mills, My Early Visits

Going back to 2008 and a focus on the small coffee “micro-mills” in Costa Rica were producing better qualities of coffee. What seemed like an

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Gichago Butchery, Kenya

Kenya Help a Small Coffee Farmer?

Kenya small farmers face a lack of support, materials and know-how.

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Mpemba Cooperative

Burundi Coffee Farm Visits

A selected set of photos from my 2012 travels in Burundi, visiting farms, coffee cooperatives and an old Sogestal site. Visiting BurundiBurundi coffee bears resemblance

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Burundi Bujumbura Coffee Competition – A 2011 Trip

Before there was a Burundi Cup of Excellence there was something else called the Prestige Cup. I went, I cupped, I swam in the pool.

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