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Photo sets range from pictorial how-to articles to our extensive origin trip travelogues. It involves a range of content, from macro images of coffee, galleries of travel, to simple DIY instructional photos

Parting Shot

Rwanda Coffee Farm Visits, A Photo Set (May 2018)

A photo travelogue of a harvest-period trip to Rwanda, the various farmer sites and some new areas we are looking for coffee! I traveled to

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Being utterly dumb in Peru

Peru Coffee Regions -Cuzco and Quillabamba

Origin. It’s the place where coffee comes from. A 2009 Trip to Peru Coffee Regions … It’s more than a place, it’s a narrative, it

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Kenya coffee disc pulper

Kenya Coffee Farms and Cooperative Visits -2009 Trip

Way back in the long-ago times I took a lot of pictures on one of my biannual Kenya coffee sourcing trips. Like, a lot of

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The cool guy in Java . lol

Window to Indo, Indonesian Coffee Trip

A selection of images from my trip to Java and Sulawesi in July 2012 This was not my first time to either place, but they

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Toraja Sulawesi Indonesia Tongkonan House

Sulawesi Coffee and the Sumatra Effect

A few thoughts from the coffee trail in Indonesia… There’s a market history to SulawesiSulawesi coffees are low-acid with great body and that deep, brooding

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