Category: Drum Roasting

Focused on home roasting methods that turn coffee in a drum, including eht very popular Behmor electric drum roaster, the Aillio Bullet, GeneCaffe, the Quest roaster, and even our Probat commercial drum roasting…

Roasting Espresso Workshop #44: Carga Larga: Another Look

April 9, 2019   It’s been a few months since my last BehmorA popular electric drum roaster designed for home use, with variable batch sizes (from

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Aillio Bullet R1 Meet Up: Video & Highlights

Jonas from Aillio and Thompson discuss features and issues with the Aillio Bullet R1 Coffee Roaster, at Sweet Maria’s Education room. Last week, we had

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Video: A Cooler Way to Cool Your Behmor Roast

Cool your coffee faster by removing the drum: How to make an external cooling box for the Behmor Coffee Roaster The BehmorA popular electric drum roaster

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HotTop Roasters Details Page

The HotTopA home drum roaster with a 9oz capacity, adjustable heat and airflow profiling, and an external cooling tray.: A home drum roaster with a

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