Do you enjoy coffees from Rwanda and Ethiopia?

Well, do you? Because we have some new coffees from both Rwanda and Ethiopia to offer you today. So, you know, we have that going for us.

Rwanda FT Dukunde Kawa Musasa

” It’s a coffee that has great classic character, sharing some aspects with Bourbon type coffees from Central America. The bean is dense, the flavors exist in a compact range, classic bittersweet balance, and a joy to roast. This was a very late lot with Fair Trade certificate, offered by the Rwanda Coffee Authority, OCIR, but arrived in great condition. We repackaged it in Grainpro to ensure freshness as we well this nice lot.”

Ethiopia Organic Shakiso Wet Process…

“The cup has a clean, clear sweetness, like a light brown sugar taste, with mild sweet citrus marmalade accent. There is some spice tea flavor as well, cinnamon-like. As it cools a beautiful mandarin orange flavor comes forward, and the mouthfeel goes from being light and unobtrusive, to something more like fruit syrup. It’s a charming coffee, more restrained perhaps than other Ethiopia lots, but it certainly grows on you with each sip. ”

Race to your nearest internet capable device and check ’em out!