Eight New Coffees Including Espresso Blends

Sweet Maria’s Ethiopiques Blend, a yearly favorite. Made up of three new crop washed coffees (all 90+!), this one is an absolute killer in the espresso machine, and a super complex brewed coffee – syrupy sweetness, array of fruits, striking florals and acidity.

Sweet Maria’s Altiplano Blend is also back up on the site. It’s made up of 2 Guatemala coffees, as well as a newly landed Nicaragua. Totally “Classic” espresso profile, chocolate, citrus, body, and slight nuttiness in the finish. A total crowd-pleasing espresso, and great for milk drinks too!

Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires Caturra #488, and Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires Maracaturra. These two coffees from the same farm, show quite a varied range of cup flavors, from layered sugar sweetness to fruit-forward complexity, bittersweet cocoa to floral and pulpy citrus. Both really nice in their own ways, and an interesting A/B to taste together.

The A grade lot India Arabica Karnataka Kohinoor cups similar to some of the Tanzania coffees we’ve had, clean grain-like notes, barley tea, and simple syrup, while the PB selection

India Karnataka Plantation Peaberry shows much in the way of fruit in both aromatics and flavors, and with a crispness in acidity. Another opportunity to taste different preparations from the same general cherry selections.

Hawaii Kaanapali Dry-Process Maui Mokha also returns to the list, and recently took 1st place at the Hawaii Coffee Association’s 6th annual Statewide Coffee Cupping Competition. These tiny beans are interesting indeed, a bit tough to roast in grid drums, but produce a really unique cup of coffee.

Mexico FTO Chiapas WP Decaf. Nice and balanced, this Mexico lot has well integrated flavors of stone fruit, sweet grains, and raw cane sugar.

We have a couple new Kenyas, Ethiopias, and Guatemalas hitting the list next week. Have a great weekend!