Gaka- You’re one -ini million, or something

Just so’s you know, there’s a new Kenya in school. Actually it is a return of sorts. We offered the Peaberried cousin from Gakuyu-ini last year, and now we have for you an AA selection of this syrupy, satiny coffee. Peaches, grapefruit, candy, and other stuff that tastes amazing is all crammed into a mouthful of this coffee.

Kenya Kirinyaga AA Gakuyu-ini

“The cup has delicate balance of the sweet and the sour sensations, with a lively, fresh lemonade brightness. My lightest roast has a resiny hop flower note while the darker Full City roasts have some grape notes. The mouthfeel is silky, with medium density like the light syrupy character of hard candy as it dissolves. In the next cupping session we had a distinct grape candy flavor from this Gakuyu-ini, almost like a Jolly Rancher which is echoes the mouthfeel. This is a balanced and sweet lot. There is a hint of winey, ripe character to the fruit. When the cup is completely cool, there is a flavor of sweetened pink grapefruit or syrupy peaches… very nice!”

I honestly get the goosebumps thinking about all the coffees that we get to experience with you all through this whole shrub deal. I think that it’s pretty cool, and we have a number of other new exciting additions to come in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled. Eyes peeled, that kinda makes me cringe.