Gesha Is Here!!! New coffees:Gesha Mario Carnaval, Panama Carmen DP, & Salvador Siberia Pacamara

Three new coffees, including a Gesha arrival! Panama Esmeralda Gesha -Mario Carnaval Lot , Panama Carmen “Siete Dias de Bellota” , and El Salvador Siberia Estate Pacamara We’ll start off with Panama Esmeralda Gesha -Mario Carnaval Lot. We are limiting sales to 1-lb so everyone gets to try this special coffee. Keep the roast light and remove the quakers for a berry mix profile and jasmine accents. Next up we’d like to announce the Panama Carmen “Siete Dias de Bellota”, another atypical Panama that has been dry-processed producing almond, and dried fruit tastes in the cup. DP Ethiopian fans should make note. Next up is a more traditional Central with El Salvador Siberia Estate Pacamara. This large-bean has a brown sugar taste and juicy fruits flavor profile and takes a wide range of roasts. .. With our new review format, Tom will be adding more details about the particular farm alongside cupping notes so make sure to click-through to the full descriptions.