Ethiopian Varieties

Komato Coffee Mill Nursery, with type 74110 cultivar
JARC 74110 Variety : In Sidama area, South Ethiopia.

Ethiopia and the Boma Plateau of Sudan are the origin of Coffea Arabica. There are many local named varieties that we refer to as Ethiopian Heirloom Cultivars. This is simply the result of the action of farmers, seeking the best local types, the strongest healthiest plants with the best production, and using them as “mother trees.” That is what Ethiopian farmers call a tree that is selected for seedlings. But the fact is, many farmers now plant selections from Jimma Area Coffee Research station (JARC). These are selections from local landraces, chosen to match with the various agro-forestry zones of Ethiopia. These are not hybrids, but rather selections. JARC improved varieties are referred to numerically with attractive names like 74110 and 74114. They can have excellent cup quality when planted in the correct zone.

There are many other named varieties that originate in Sudan and Ethiopia, and some have taken long journeys to far parts of the world (see the Indonesian variety Abbysinia for example). Here is a partial list of some varieties:

  • Harrar
  • Yirgacheffe
  • Djimma
  • Lekempti
  • Sidamo
  • Agaro
  • Mugi
  • Wellega
  • Melka
  • Longberry Harrar
  • Haru
  • Gera
  • Mettu
  • Awada
  • Wenago
  • Mechara
  • Alghe
  • Cioccie S6
  • Dalle
  • Abyssinia
  • Gawe
  • Melko-CH2
  • Ababuna
  • Tegu
  • Rambung
  • Tafarikela
  • Dega
  • Ennarea
  • Dilla
  • Ghimbi
  • USDA 762
  • Barbuk Sudan
  • Rume Sudan
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