It’s the Stock Report

Hey folks, here’s the shrub inventory report for April 1st. I’m going to go ahead and let you know what’s we have of everything at the moment. It is important to note that these reports are only to give folks a good idea of what’s in stock at this moment so that they can see if there’s a coffee that they wanted to check out that might be gone soon and things of that nature. We are not going to get into forecasting, in most cases we really aren’t sure what we’re going to put up until we take a close look at it. There are certain coffees that we might bring back time and again, but we really just want to be able to offer coffees that we’re really excited about at that moment. There are coffees that are special projects that we will talk about from time to time before they arrive as we do the work on them because we really want you to be able to see how that process might work. We’re very glad that folks have found the shrub to be useful and hopefully you all can appreciate the way we’re trying to create access for roasters to interesting coffees as well as create some access for these interesting coffees to interested roasters. Anyways, here’s the stock.

Guatemala Maravilla Decaf 1056 LBS
Papua New Guinea AA Kimel 924 LBS
Java Sunda Garut 660 LBS
Colombia Tolima
Florestales-Maximino Gutierrez 760 LBS
Rwanda Remera Nyarusiza 660 LBS
Ethiopia Sidama Bonko 2772 LBS
Ethiopia Nigusie Lemma 5544 LBS
SM El Papuma Decaf 6996 LBS
China Yunnan Province Bingchuan
Zhukula Micro-Lot 65,000 LBS, available today only