Liquid Amber is back! Also, Panama Guyami Robusta,Hawaii Ka’anapali DP Moka,Salvador Bourbon,Colombia Tolima

Five new arrivals today, two of them Espresso related. Let’s start out with the one everyone has been waiting for: Sweet Maria’s Liquid Amber Espresso Blend is back! The Vienna roast is a potent and savory cup with chocolate/noir tastes; this blend is perfect also for milk drinks. We also finally have a quality robusta back in stock for espresso blends: Panama Guyami Indian Robusta. Folks will remember baker’s chocolate in this potent cup and best to keep these dark and in espresso blends at 15%. Rounding things out are some excellent drip coffees starting with Hawaii Ka’anapali DP Maui Moka 16 Screen with its honey and maple sugar flavors and hint of cocoa. Don’t let the tiny screen size fool you – thick body and chocolate flavors here. The El Salvador Finca San Gabriel Bourbon is a classic Bourbon cup with mild citrus, cane sugar, and dense body. Look for even more chocolate and body at darker roasts! Lastly is the ‘mutt’ of the pack,… literally. It’s Colombia – Los Chuchos de Tolima, a mutt-like combination of the best of the best of Colombian microlots. Not the spicy sweetness in the cup with a sweet/savory quality that is very balanced. Check out Tom’s full reviews as you click-through!

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