New arrivals- El Salvador CoE Villa Espana Bourbon,Sumatra Blue Batak Tarbarita PB,Peru FTO Norte WP Decaf,Mexico Org Santa Cruz WP Decaf

Happy Holidays! We’re adding a CoE, a regular fave and some decafs today. First up is El Salvador Cup of Excellence -Villa Espana Bourbon, a classic Bourbon cup with a nice balance of citric brightness and body. Try it also as a Single-Origin Espresso! Next is the return of Sumatra Blue Batak Tarbarita Peaberry, a big favorite in the past. Look for rustic sweetness, chocolate, spice, and a lighter body overall. Lastly, we have two fine decaf additions: Peru FTO Norte WP Decaf with hints of lemon tea and brown sugar. Also we’ve added Mexico Organic Santa Cruz WP Decaf: this is a great caffeine-free Chiapas coffee, clean and crisp with tastes of honey and panela.